Automotive Fluid Services

Automotive Fluid and Filters Can be Recycled

Protex Environmental plays an important role in the recovery and recycling of used automotive materials from a wide range of customers and equipment across our great province! We collect used oil, filters, antifreeze and empty fluid containers from repair shops, construction sites, dealerships and even from your farm.  All used automotive fluids that we collect are recycled or reused at licensed facilities right here in Canada. 

We can also provide you with products such as storage tanks, parts washers, lacquer thinner, windshield washing fluid, and antifreeze.

Used Motor Oil Collection and Storage

From used crankcase oil to transmission and gear oil, we will pump out a wide variety of your used oil materials from tanks or drums on a regular service schedule or on-call basis. We also carry a complete line of ULC-certified double-wall tanks for the safe storage and collection of used oil.


Used Oil Filter Collection and Storage

Used oil filters are covered under various provincial stewardship programs. We supply totes or drums for the accumulation of oil filters collected during oil changes. For fuel filters still containing fluid in the filter media, we supply drums for scheduled or on-call service collection.  Filters that we accept are:  

  • Spin-on or element-style filters used in hydraulics, or internal combustion engines
  • Sump-type automatic transmission filters
  • Plastic / paper element-style filters
  • Storage tank diesel fuel filters
  • Household furnace fuel filters
  • Diesel fuel filters
  • Coolant filters

Antifreeze Collection, Storage and Supply

We collect and recycle used antifreeze from dealerships, automotive repair shops and farm yards.  We can also provide you with new, warranty-approved antifreeze products in drums or in bulk. We also carry double-wall tanks approved by ULC for the storage and collection of used antifreeze.


Empty Plastic Container, Collection and Storage

We collect and recycle plastic containers that have stored the following:

  • Synthetic crankcase, engine oil or re-refined oil
  • Circulating oil, turbine oil or gear oil 
  • Hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, polyester fluids and/or mineral heat transfer fluids

We also supply the containers required for safely storing used plastic containers awaiting collection and recycling.


Lacquer Thinner Supply and Collection

Protex Environmental's custom blend of premium lacquer thinner is trusted by prominent paint finishers across Saskatchewan. We supply and deliver thinner to our customers and can remove a variety of your used thinners and sludge for proper recycling and disposal. Recycled thinner blends are also available as an additional option.


Aerosol Can Storage and Disposal

We supply open-top drums for the storage and disposal of pressurized aerosol cans.


Absorbents, Sorbents and Oily Rags

Absorbents and oily rags are often used to clean up spills of oil and different waste products. Environmental regulations require the proper disposal of the waste collected in these absorbents or rags. Protex Environmental supplies appropriately-sized and labeled containers for these materials as well as on-call or scheduled collection service.


Interceptor Pit Maintenance

Let us help to ensure your compliance with environmental regulations that require regular interceptor pit maintenance.

We remove collected sediment and wastewater from interceptors such as sump pits, catch basins, floor trenches and grease traps. We can also flush and camera-inspect associated pipe works to ensure optimal flow.  Regular pump-outs prevent backups by ensuring proper flow of oily water and sludge into the interceptor.  Our interceptor pit-maintenance service is available on a scheduled, call-in or emergency basis.


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