Recycling and Seasonal Yard Organics

Go Green with Us - Let's Recycle

Protex Environmental provides recycling programs and single stream curbside recycling service to many municipalities across NW Saskatchewan, contributing to a greener and more sustainable province. We also offer seasonal organic curbside compost programs.  We would love to help you or your community become a leader in waste diversion too.


Contact us today at (306) 236-5200 to learn more about setting up a program in your community, home or business.

What Do We Recycle?

Our recycling operations involve residential and commercial materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum and other metals.  We collect, sort and prepare these materials into clean, marketable bales.

Single Stream Recycling for Home, Business, or Your Community

For ease and convenience - this is an incredible program

Seasonal Curbside Yard Organics Collection

Convert your yard waste into compost and save valuable landfill space.

This program runs seasonally from May to end of October - weather permitting. These designated Organic Compost bins are 95 gal. wheeled carts, for easy handling.  

What can go in these carts? Un-bagged leaves, un-bagged grass clippings and non-woody vegetation.

These items are not allowed - branches, stumps, logs or kitchen scraps.

For more information or to sign up for this great program, please contact our customer service team at (855) 236-5200 

Not Sure if it's Recyclable or Garbage?

There are lots of consumable items that can be recycled, however, may not be able to be processed at our facility. You can divert these items to other recycling facilities. The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) site has a search engine so you can look up information on divertible waste materials.

For convenient and easy help visit their website at or

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